On “Occupying my Being … ”

Being present to and “occupying” the mystical in each moment within the miracle of life, is so deeply rewarding that I always get tingles down my spine when I pause to reflect on the gift of the in-dwellling spirit that inhabits my soul. Why we pronounce the “American Dream” as something more, another reality, one that is never achievable, is beyond me.

MLK Jr.’s “I have a dream ..” speech is so much more than we know it to be on the surface as it represents a yearning to occupy the personal practice, or to inhabit a way of life, not an achievement to be attained at the end point of one’s life. This is the true aspiration of what to me, occupy being means. Knowing the living of life within oneself so that as it unfolds we are conscious of its vast field of potentialities and can pick out that instant when the options the Universe parades before us are there for the choosing.  Ahh, the pure essence of the Oneness of all kindred life forms, these wildly unique and diverse entities wherein I cannot find myself but yet sense my connectedness in the totality of “Being” alive to the wide, wild world of wonder that swirls around, through, within, and without my consciousness!

I am so “in-synchronicity” with the energy that I am – the flow of life never-ends as it integrates and channels vibrations, permeating the very molecules of which I am constantly constructed and deconstructed from and to the adjacent diverse dimensions that harmonize with each other continuously, orchestrated into the Grand Plan for the Cosmos. What Joy to know that I am reborn anew every year as I exchange not only resonance but chemical reactions and electric flux. They wax and wane like the ebbing and flowing tide which attunes with the heavenly bodies I coexist with, acting upon my density and my elasticity.  What can I do but glory in this uniqueness that I share with every other sentient being and celebrate our shared Divinity here with Gaia, dear Mother Earth, and the stardust of the galaxies from whence we came?!

Thank you, Life, for occupying my being, I thank you!


About Dana Dolsen

I am a Canadian-born, naturalized US citizen, who lives in the moment seeking Harmony and Peace with Resolve and Joy. Being in Community is my home which is comprised through my connectedness with both the human and the wild. I am a natural resources social scientist and strategic thinker-planner looking to facilitate a systemic, holistic, adaptive, resilient, dynamic, and synergistic integration of the human ecosystem for long term planetary survival. Namaste!
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