“whom are ‘We’?”

In an earlier blog post I queried, “Whom am I?”  Well, I also wonder why, if I can be so bold or brash to define myself (as unrefined and elemental as I am) I should not attempt at least identifying one piece of the answer to “Whom are We?”  My challenge for you (should you wish to accept it!) is to consider, contemplate, ponder, and then provoke me back with your respective, and I am sure, perceptive response, okay?

Truth be known, I probably should be the last person on this good Earth to foray into such an inquiry, however, I at least believe I know myself better than most (although my Mum can see right through me even today and Linda, my beautiful life-mate, can plumb the depths of my being with one soulful gaze). But yet, I have within me a yen, hmm, no a burning need to place myself within the stream of humanity that came before, those who live today, and those who will live the tomorrows that I will never see or feel  (at least with these specific eyes and with this particular heart).

So, you ask, how will I define and place myself into this “otherness” in a way that might refine your perspective of you within our shared we? This ain’t easy, is it?

So, do you believe, like I, that nothing in the universe can be truly created or destroyed, just transforms from one form of energy into another, such as matter into light?  If not, I suppose I must thank you for bearing with me thus far and apologize for taking up your time/energy since I evidently am off my rocker (yep, I’ve been around for a few moon rises than many).  Really, I don’t blame you, I experience life differently (remember, ‘may diversity reign forevermore’) or, as Frank would sing, “I did it my way.”

So, for me, this larger entity of “We” cannot imply separateness – thus, it is at least interconnectedness.  The contextual media that bind us together are found within what I call the human-enabled experiential realms, namely: Light (i.e., conscientious empathetic sensory perception), Life (i.e., conscious positive expanding energy), and Love (i.e., intentionally reciprocated belongingness).

The opportunity for each of us to become more, to engage ourselves beyond our “normal” senses affirms the grand scheme of the cosmos which is not ever-expanding, but self reflecting and self renewing.  The greatest challenge facing Humanity is not to explore, learn, understand, and accept what is outside of us but to explore, learn, understand, and accept who we are and what lies within us and what we can be and do because of who we are.

I am truly committed to plumbing the depths of my own reality, seeking to grow myself and uncover the tendrils reaching out to embrace Light, Life, and Love (or engage and embrace the “We” in me).  Please join me in this quest so our “We” can be what we wish to see and do on and with this wide world of wonders and miracles we inhabit together.


About Dana Dolsen

I am a Canadian-born, naturalized US citizen, who lives in the moment seeking Harmony and Peace with Resolve and Joy. Being in Community is my home which is comprised through my connectedness with both the human and the wild. I am a natural resources social scientist and strategic thinker-planner looking to facilitate a systemic, holistic, adaptive, resilient, dynamic, and synergistic integration of the human ecosystem for long term planetary survival. Namaste!
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