HUCC Music Man Makes Magic Happen

For the past several years my life has been enriched weekly by the gifts of a talented musician and conductor.  Fred Lucies is a person of deep resonance and joy whose orchestrations with voice, strings, and reed have brought me good vibrations as I listen to the strains of harmony he produces and nurtures in those with whom he creates music.

Simultaneously, since I ventured forth in the past four or five months to express my own talent, I have found my voice anew, a creation long unused. I have since begun to align my talent with others those of similar expressiveness with whom Fred creates wondrous gifts for those willing to listen and discern the mysticism of our melodies.

What a transcendent experience it is to be one among the many who find themselves in the moment with HUCC’s Music Man, making the magic of Fred’s music happen.  Weaving syncopated strains of sounds, it is a true blessing to rhythmically rouse my heart, my soul and my voice to new heights of exultation through the synchronization of sweet sounds.

My thanks to fearless Fred, for his special desire to bring the magic of music to HUCC, to engage, challenge, and grow each of us in the ensemble musicale, and for his never-ending joie de vivre.  We will miss you – please know that we will keep the spirit of the music man alive at HUCC through your legacy and our love for you.

Your unabashed fan,

Dana, a tenacious tenor


About Dana Dolsen

I am a Canadian-born, naturalized US citizen, who lives in the moment seeking Harmony and Peace with Resolve and Joy. Being in Community is my home which is comprised through my connectedness with both the human and the wild. I am a natural resources social scientist and strategic thinker-planner looking to facilitate a systemic, holistic, adaptive, resilient, dynamic, and synergistic integration of the human ecosystem for long term planetary survival. Namaste!
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One Response to HUCC Music Man Makes Magic Happen

  1. Jen Browne says:

    Fred is one of those rare souls that affects everyone around him. He jostles us into awareness. Playing trumpet for him has been one of my greatest pleasures and I will sorely miss having him around.

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