Hello world!

Bloggers Beware! I am over 55 and new to this world! Challenging myself is a scary thing, but others challenge me every day with their own lens of reality and so it’s high time I started creating my own worldview!  Be forewarned as I do not hold back, I like letting my mind and my words loose – to explore, to provoke and to become one with the world I love!

Thank you for visiting me – I am humbled by your presence since it is a present to me. I hope you will feel welcomed and extravagantly so!  I ask for your feedback as without any, I am not anchored in anyone’s reality, figuratively or literally. Namaste!


About Dana Dolsen

I am a Canadian-born, naturalized US citizen, who lives in the moment seeking Harmony and Peace with Resolve and Joy. Being in Community is my home which is comprised through my connectedness with both the human and the wild. I am a natural resources social scientist and strategic thinker-planner looking to facilitate a systemic, holistic, adaptive, resilient, dynamic, and synergistic integration of the human ecosystem for long term planetary survival. Namaste!
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