and may diversity reign, forevermore

Our collective and individual strengths lie in our differences – the unique attributes and characteristics which define us as us, you as you, and me as me.  These three conceptual frameworks comprise the whole of human experience, but moreover, they embody our integrity as a species and our self-worth as well.

Whom are”we?” Whom are “you?” “Whom am I?”

I respect the right for each of us to express our opinions, yet my own world view of these questions spans the entire continuum of living things.  I believe that to be fully human means I also recognize the essence of my origin, namely the universe, specifically this solar system, i.e., the Sun and this Earth.

I am because of my mother(s) and my father(s), because I am a part of (not apart from) Mama Gaia.  This contextual connectedness gives me life, allows me my individuality – in fact requests me to acknowledge my uniqueness while also respecting all life forms who inhabit this world with me and revel as well as celebrate their existence as well as our brother and sisterhood!

May Diversity Reign, Forevermore!


About Dana Dolsen

I am a Canadian-born, naturalized US citizen, who lives in the moment seeking Harmony and Peace with Resolve and Joy. Being in Community is my home which is comprised through my connectedness with both the human and the wild. I am a natural resources social scientist and strategic thinker-planner looking to facilitate a systemic, holistic, adaptive, resilient, dynamic, and synergistic integration of the human ecosystem for long term planetary survival. Namaste!
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